Bishop Carroll Blessed by Generous Matching Gift and Visit from Donor Family to Honor the Late Ursula Pawlowski

Christina Canning, Emma Goltz, Blair Pawlowski, Heidi Carey, Fred Goltz and Mimi Choksi

At last year’s Carrollian Gala, CEO Lynn Weber shared exciting news with the crowd—an anonymous donor made a generous matching challenge pledge of $250,000 toward Bishop Carroll’s capital improvement campaign, in honor of longtime teacher the late Ursula Pawlowski. This year, Mrs. Weber, the Pawlowski family and members of the BC community welcomed this generous donor, Fred Goltz, class of 1989 and his wife Emma, to a small reception the evening before this year’s gala.

The Goltzes, along with their son William, traveled from their home in London to celebrate their commitment, which will upgrade the current library and name it the Ursula Pawlowski  Media Center.

In his heartfelt remarks about his family’s commitment, Mr. Goltz said, “We need institutions like Bishop Carroll to preach real values, every day and with the volume turned up to 11.  And we need to make sure that the resources and infrastructure are in place to allow this to happen.  This is why my family has contributed as it has to this effort.  We hope and pray that together we can make sure that 30 years from now there are many others who have been as inspired by this place as I have been.”

To read his complete remarks, click here.

So far, an additional $131,501.00 has been pledged by generous supporters toward the Goltzes matching challenge, bringing the current campaign total to $631,851.00. Volunteers are currently working to secure pledges from alumni and friends to help bring the project closer to its phase 1A goal of $1,000,000.

While alumni, friends and families know the facility is overdue for some TLC, BC has never asked for the amount of support that makes up the current campaign. The building needs energy efficiency, security enhancements, ADA compliance upgrades, modern labs, a library that meets today’s educational standards, plus curb appeal and behind-the-scenes improvements, like plumbing, electrical and HVAC, that go with all these items.

Despite these physical needs, Mr. Goltz and his family, along with all donors to Bishop Carroll and the campaign, know that giving has a deeper meaning.

At the heart, your support for Bishop Carroll is rooted in giving all students a chance to receive the unique benefits of a Catholic high school education. It is about giving today’s students and future generations of students the opportunity to become leaders who exhibit the values we cherish: faith, integrity, service, discipline.

Your support today and every day makes this possible. Learn more about how you can support the campaign by emailing



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